PAIA Manual

Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA)

The Promotion of Access to Information Act, no 2 of 2000 (“The Act”) was enacted on 3 February 2000, giving effect to the right of access to any information held by the Government, as well as any information held by another person who is required for the exercising or protection of any rights. This right is entrenched in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of South Africa. Where a request is made in terms of The Act, the body to which the request is made is not obliged to release the information, except where The Act expressly provides that the information may or must be released. The Act sets out the requisite procedural issues attached to such request.


To promote effective governance of private bodies, it is necessary to ensure that everyone is empowered and educated to understand their rights in terms of The Act for them to exercise their rights in relation to public and private bodies.

Section 9 of The Act, however, recognizes that such right to access to information cannot be unlimited and should be subject to justifiable limitations, including, but not limited to:

  • Limitations aimed at the reasonable protection of privacy.
  • Commercial confidentiality; and
  • Effective, efficient, and good governance

And in a manner that balances that right with any other rights, including such rights contained in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. Wherever reference is made to “Private Body” in this manual, it will refer to Grunter Services Pty Ltd and all its entities for whom this manual is drafted.


Information Officer:
Sumari Hattingh

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