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Dropshipping Websites

Drop shipping is a form of retail business where the seller accepts customer orders without keeping stock on hand.

Start your own business today, while we do all the heavy lifting. Contact us now for more information

Wedding Invitation Website

Personal wedding websites are websites that engaged couples to use to aid in planning and communication for their wedding. The websites are used to communicate with guests about their wedding and inform them of the location, date, time, and gift registry.

Contact us now, to find out how we can assist you in making your dream day even beter


Linux Web Hosting

If you are new to the world of website and Email-Hosting, our Linux Web Hosting Packages are the best place to start! Browse through our Web Hosting Packages and decide on a package best suited for you, or get in contact with us, and we shall advise you on what is best for you!

Email Hosting

Not ready to go full internet with a website?  Look at our Email-Hosting Packages. Once you are ready to improve or upgrade, you can easily upgrade to one of our Linux Web Hosting packages and get your website up and running.

Website Design

Whatever your brand, we shall work with you to ensure your presence on the internet is noticed. At Grunter Services, we know how important it is to have a professional website design. We shall do whatever we can to ensure your site appears as close to the top of search engines as possible!

Mobile Data

Our range of LTE services offers a quick and easy way to get connected, especially if you font have Fibre coverage or need a fast backup connection. 

To get connected, you will need: 

A Smart Device or Mobile Router Axxess Mobile Data

Business Consulting

We do general risk assessments for your business and recommend controls and measures to mitigate and manage those risks. Whether you are concerned about compliance matters such as new POPI legislation or general business processes, we do it all. We can also review your processes for efficiency improvements.


Fiber-to-the-home is ultra-fast broadband! It’s by far the best way to connect to the net.  

To get connected, you’ll need: 

A Fibre Line to your Home 

A Fibre modem or router 

An active GS Fibre service


Highway Auto Services

Auto repair services

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Resin Dear

Handmade Resin Jewelry

Renwick Traders

Quality Hunting Accessories

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